Strategic partners


To enter the market in 2015, TrustAir Aviation ltd. chose Piper Cheyenne III/IIIA aircrafts.
For our complex and challenging air ambulance activity we looked for a strategic partner who has had long-term and relevant experience in operation of this aircraft’s type. Air Bohemia a.s., as TrustAir Aviation’s aircraft operator (AOC: CZ-67) and CAMO organization possesses all of these experiences, thus we provide this responsible and complex service with our own pilots and aircrafts operated by Air Bohemia a.s.


FAI AG / Flight Ambulance International Aviation Group

TrustAir Aviation’s most important strategic partner is FAI AG, one of the best-known air ambulance providers worldwide.
In the field of medical flights the management of our company gained international reputation via primer HEMS operations, which resulted in the professional partnership with FAI. We established a direct medical cooperation in 2012. Initially it meant the preparation of TrustAir’s medical team to perform special missions by fixed-wing aircrafts, which changed into everyday operational support for FAI.
Now, sharing strategic tasks is among today’s daily routine: our long-haul, intercontinental repatriation missions are organized by FAI’s jet fleet, while short-distance, mostly European calls are performed by us.
Thanks to this, we have been performing a flexible, cost effective and reliable cooperation, taking advantage of the synergy and professionalism of the two organizations.