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Commercial flight

Sometimes a medical transport does not require a special ambulance aircraft, because patients can also be moved on a commercical flight with medical attendance. These transports however have basic rules, which must be followed.

Each airline has a policy regarding the transport of a patient in the company of other travelers. According to these policies, a detailed data sheet has to be filled out in each case. Based on the information provided, the airline will make a decision about the following: can the patient be moved and taken professional care of on a commercial flight without disturbing the other passengers, should the patient be transported on economy or business class, should the patient be transported in a sitting, or a half-sitting position, or on a stretcher. You should know, that if a stretcher is needed, at least 9 seats have to be reserved, and the ticket for the medical escort has to be purchased as well (usually both ways).

In case of a medical transport on a commercial flight we first carry out a preliminary survey, then we make a suggestion regarding the competency level of the escort. Based on the results we provide our clients with an ambulance nurse, an ambulance officer, or a specialist for the flight. Each member of our medical team has a professional experience on board of an ambulance aircraft, and they also have many years of experience in working under special conditions, such as limited space, and special physical environment.

Note: You should know, that almost any intervention on a commercial flight is next to impossible, and the medical escort usually travels alone, so he/she has a limited capacity. On these flights mostly general nursing tasks can be carried out, such as making the patient comfortable, pain assuaging, etc.

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