COVID-19 is a game-changer – and we accepted the challenge.

The number of traditional, tourism-related air ambulance missions has been significantly reduced since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, the need for infected patients’ transport keeps growing. We, at #trustair have accepted the challenge and up to date, we have already gained significant experience in the field of such missions.
We invested tens of thousands of euros in PMIUs, have chosen the right and best ones for our aircraft. Run internal brainstormings, training, read international literature, listened to partners as benchmarks, learnt best practices and – despite the fact that learning never ends – we are already confident to safely prepare and execute such missions. Our learning curve had pitfalls, problems, even mistakes, but as of today those missions became part of #trustair‘s everyday portfolio. Yes, to fly such missions is a typical “learning by doing” program, learning never ends, but we are capable of almost everything.
Thanks to our motivated medical and flight crews who understood the calls of the changing times, accepted the challenge, we are capable to perform COVID missions even under ICU circumstances. Our longest one was recently flown from Africa to Europe and lasted for over 9 hours with a ventilated patient.
We are proud of our colleagues and capabilities, we’ll keep on pushing, whatever crazy times will come.