EmergenSIM VR

TrustAir Aviation and ARworks, two Hungarian companies, have jointly developed a unique and innovative VR training application for simulating the specific conditions of air medical transport. This ground-breaking application allows for the use and exploitation of VR technology and the benefits provided by artificial intelligence in a healthcare context that has not been utilized before.

„We have long known that virtual and augmented reality technologies hold great potential for the development of our training activities. That’s why we approached ARworks to provide the developer background to implement our professional concept and renew our educational activities,“ said Dr Péter Túri, CEO of TrustAir Aviation.

The purpose of the jointly developed VR training application is to prepare novice medics, doctors, and healthcare professionals for patient care on air ambulances in a realistic simulated environment. The tool accurately models the available space, accessibility of medical equipment, noise, and the patient who must be treated during the flight.

In the future, the multi-phase development could improve patient safety within a continuous medical training program framework by using innovative tools.

The unique educational application resulting from the collaboration of the two companies may simplify the lives of many businesses by shortening the training period and reducing its costs. One of the significant advantages of VR technology is its ability to create a specialized learning tool in an exclusive virtual space that simulates a real operating environment, providing learning opportunities for geographically distant individuals or large groups.

In the Meta Quest 2 VR glasses application, the user finds themselves in a photorealistic 3D virtual aircraft with environmental noises (aircraft engine, medical equipment sounds, etc.) that make it realistic. Users can explore the high-flying aircraft, learn about the medical equipment, and handle the randomly deteriorating condition of the patient.

Prof, a never-tiring, always patient 3D instructor using ChatGPT, is also on board, asking questions and answering users‘ queries about the aircraft, the equipment, or any other topic.

„For more than ten years, we have been developing AR/VR solutions, and it is increasingly evident that Virtual Reality has found an area in education where its application offers numerous advantages. This is because it is possible to create a fully functional 3D digital twin of any expensive, inaccessible, or dangerous environment, where virtually any tools, products, or procedures with people can be practised. All this can now be done with the help of an AI-based instructor who has all the knowledge and provides countless telemetric and biofeedback data for learning and practice analysis,“ highlights Szabolcs Budaházy, CEO of ARworks.

According to TrustAir’s plans, before a new colleague tries their skills in real-life situations, they can prepare for critical scenarios through various exercises with unlimited practice time and opportunities, without using scarce resources. The application perfectly simulates the unique situation of patient care on board an air ambulance, where the cramped cabin allows only limited movement. The system is continuously being developed with increasingly complex healthcare scenarios. In the future, by requesting user data before the simulation begins, individual user evaluation, progress tracking, and even testing can be achieved in the VR space, considering the time taken and success rate of completed tasks.

TrustAir Aviation Ltd., a recognized European healthcare service provider, has been offering international air patient transportation services with its fleet of aircraft from Hungarian and Spanish bases since 2015. The company’s management is committed to the innovative development of air rescue and patient transportation, as well as related education and scientific activities. The CEO is also the publisher and patron of three essential professional books. The unique training application’s development could be of vital importance for both domestic and international professionals.

ARworks is a domestic and internationally successful company in the field of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). It serves numerous clients with its developments in the automotive, pharmaceutical, real estate, and defence sectors, where organisations use these new technologies to enhance their sales, marketing, or educational activities. ARworks has already developed a VR training for Artificial Insemination, a Virtual Car Showroom, and a multi-user Metaverse recruiting office.

The collaboration between TrustAir Aviation and ARworks has the potential to revolutionize the way air medical and training professionals approach their work, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies, this unique VR training application is set to become an invaluable tool in the industry, helping to improve patient care and safety during air transport.