Below we present the medical equipment we use during patient’s repatriation.


The ZOLL X Series® Monitor/Defibrillator is an extremely small, light, and powerful piece of equipment, which provides all of today’s advanced monitoring capabilities.
NIBP/pulse oximetry/capnography/three invasive pressures/two temperature channels
Designed to be compact without any compromise in display size, capability, or performance, the X Series provides options that can help you deliver the best patient care possible.


Flight 60 is a state-of-the-art high-end portable ventilator designed to provide an advanced and cost-effective solution for ventilation needs at the bedside and on the move. Compact, lightweight and with 12 hours of battery operation further extended by battery hot-swap, it is practically the most independent ventilator in the market. Suitable for the hospital environment, long term care, transport, emergency preparedness, and home care, Flight 60 provides continuous optimal care for every patient.
Flight 60 is equipped with the most advanced monitoring capabilities that provide safety and ease of use: Actual flow measurement/Embedded FiO2 sensor/Graphic display/Remote monitoring.


This model is one of the most popular transport ventilators in Western Europe, which was built for this purpose from the ground up. It features a reinforced housing, a hot-swappable battery with extended capacity, a user-friendly touch-screen interface and a turbine that can operate independently of external oxygen sources (albeit somewhat limited). It is also equipped with the intelligent ventilation method developed by Hamilton, which adjusts the level of respiratory support from breath to breath. The large display provides flexibly configurable feedback on breathing parameters under all conditions. Depending on the features, it can be used for all body sizes, from the smallest premature babies to children and adults.



Both the B Braun Perfusor Compact and the Mindray Syringe Drive pumps are lightweight, battery-operated infusion pumps that infuse fluids from a 50/20 ml syringe at a controlled rate. The accurate infusion of drugs at a precise rate is essential for patients transported by ambulance flight. These units are particularly useful for the very potent drugs used in many critical care cases. These may include drugs such as inotropes, paralyzing and anaesthetic agents. Many patients are receiving more than one infusion at a time and can have three or four syringe pumps connected. Syringe pumps are also used when we wish to deliver small volumes of intravenous fluids (for example, only 3-5mls per hour) to babies and infants.
These syringe pumps are particularly suited to medical retrieval due to their compact size and very long battery life (up to 80 hours) on just four AA batteries.


The Propaq LT allows caregivers to extend continuous monitoring to areas never covered before. Appropriate for transport, ambulatory, and bedside monitoring applications, the Propaq LT has the versatility to meet your needs. Its simple and highly intuitive user interface allows highly skilled or less skilled clinical staff to operate the monitor with ease.
The Propaq LT can even be uniquely configured for a particular care area. It is the most compact, rugged, and versatile Propaq monitor.


The EPOC portable clinical analyser is a true Point of Care analyser designed to be used at the patients bedside for critical care tests such as blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites and coagulation. Only a few drops of whole blood are required for testing. Samples are processed immediately and provide lab-quality results in 2 minutes making the EPOC quick and easy to use.


The Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Vascular Access System is a complete solution for fast vascular access — whether you’re facing difficult vascular access challenges or need fast intraosseous access for critical situations and life-threatening emergencies.


Jet Compact is a reliable portable medical suction device used to remove fluids from the airways. The device creates negative pressure (suction) and extracts fluids through a single-use tube connected to the collection vase. This suction device is ideal for use in the emergency field and during transport. Its professional design makes it just as easy to position in a hospital as in an ambulance.


Baby Pod is an incubator made of carbon/composite fibre resulting in extra strength and ultra-light weight for transporting infants up to 8 kg. Inside the unit the infant is comfortably secured by a vacuum mattress and soft straps. Warmth is provided by special warming mattress during transportation. The Baby Pod can easily secured by its straps to the stretcher of the ambulance or aircraft.