Professional experiences

TrustAir Aviation’s management has several years of professional experience in providing air ambulance services. Within our company, we have unique competencies and experience gained in different fields whether it be system development, property investments, start-ups or international medical mission on air ambulance aircraft.


It took us only about a year to set our goals, write a concept, register our enterprise and send the first helicopter in the air.

During the 5-year period of setting up the air rescue system new facilities were opened, new bases were built, the accessibility improved, and the opportunities for rescue became more equal. We also created the most modern helicopter fleet in Hungary, and we organized a wide range of training programs: simulator training for pilots, practical training for the mechanics, and professional conferences for medical workers, just to mention a few.

We introduced an SMS (Safety Management System) and a new regulation system, and we also started flight coordination and flight tracking service. We had more than 11.000 rescue missions, 6.000 flight hours, and 36.000 takeoffs and landings.


Our flight paramedics and doctors have spent months in Kosovo for years, where they worked in EULEX’s helicopter mission. During the mission our CEO was responsible for the implementation, operation and organisation of the project, our colleagues having been trained and performed air rescue and international air ambulance missions in a multilingual environment.


After having performed several international helicopter missions, our medcrew carried out international repatriation tasks on board our partner’s (FAI AG) aircraft fleet. By the time we entered the market with our own aircraft, TrustAir Aviation had already performed almost 500 missions. These cases included patients repatriated from popular tourist destinations as well as injured evacuated from crisis areas.


Our medical transport activity by a special ambulance aircraft or by a commercial flight covers the following cases:

  • transport of a patient in need of oxygen supply or mechanical ventilation and intensive care;
  • transport of a patient in need of special fixation;
  • transport of a seriously infectious patient;
  • transport of infants and children;
  • transport of transplantation teams and organs.

Depending on the status of the patient and the probable complications during the transport, we provide different specialist or specialists as an escort:

  • ambulance nurse / EMT – escorting patients, who are able to move and communicate without assistance;
  • paramedic – escorting more serious, yet conscious patients, controlling the prescribed and adjusted medical treatment (infusion, drugs) during the transport;
  • specialist physician – escorting severely ill, unconscious ventilated patients in critical condition, controlling and (if needed) modifying the prescribed and adjusted medical treatment (infusion, drugs).

On the special ambulance aircraft, both a specialist physician and a paramedic are escorting the patients, who require intensive care in most cases.