In order to ensure a smooth administration we also need the following documents and information on top of the written order: 

  • Departure, and destination.
  • A statement from the forwarding doctor about the patient’s main diagnose, current condition, and expected treatment requirements for the duration of 12 hours around the time of transport, (We also carry out a so called ”pre-flight check” if necessary in order to decide whether the patient can be safely transported, or not).
  • A statement from the receiving hospital. We can also organize the overall transport of the patient upon request (we will find the receiving hospital section in Hungary for example). This way we can guarantee the admission of the patient/injured.
  • It is important, that we are aware of the identity of the cost bearer (e.g. an insurance company) by the time we receive the order. We also require a written statement from the cost bearer.
  • A copy of the passport (and the visa if necessary) of the patient, and of the escort.


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