Medical transport – air ambulance

Air ambulance service with a special ambulance aircraft is required, when the patient’s condition or geographical location precludes transport on the ground, or transport by a commercial flight to the patient’s home country, or to the nearest hospital.

Air ambulance transport has to be planned very carefully not only logistically, but also medically. From the medical point of view, transport can be divided into the following main groups, which all require special preparation:

  • transport of a patient in need of oxygen supply or mechanical ventilation and intensive care
  • transport of a patient in need of special fixation
  • transport of a seriously infectious patient
  • transport of infants, and children
  • transport of transplantation teams, and organs

Depending on the condition of the patient, we can also transport one or two relatives, if that does not contradict the patient’s best interest.

Our company makes a transport suggestion based on the available medical documents by each request. We also carry out a professional medical check before the flight in order to minimise the risk.


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