Our mission

Our mission is to perform all international patient transfers with our own four-aircraft fleet in the fastest possible way, with the highest professional quality and undisputable medical competence, in compliance with international standards while maintaining the best value for money.

The focus of our international air ambulance service is the safety of our patients, their relatives and the satisfaction of our customers. As the leading healthcare provider in the region, our goal is that our customers can count on TrustAir Aviation Kft in the long term, covering the entire spectrum of air patient transport.



Our professional knowledge, experience and location are unique in the region. We are proud of the fact that in addition to our Hungarian (LHPR) base, our company has opened another hub in Girona, Spain (LEGE) in 2018, from these two bases we can provide medical flights to hundreds of patients in Europe and North Africa every year.

Medical escort on a commercial flight

A special air ambulance is not always necessary, because it is also possible to transport patients on commercial flights under medical supervision. However, this has basic professional rules that must be followed.

Medical repatriation

Air ambulance service with a special ambulance aircraft is required when the patient’s condition or geographical location precludes transport on the ground or transport by a commercial flight to the patient’s home country, or to the nearest hospital.

Transplant transport

Organ transplantation is now considered a daily procedure. In this case, time is a particularly critical factor. The transport of organs and transplant teams requires smooth coordination between the donor hospital, organ coordination institutes and the receiving institution.

Project management

The management and experts of TrustAir Aviation Kft. uniquely combine all the knowledge needed in the fields of medical and rescue flights, system development, consulting and helicopter flying and aircraft operation.

Alarm Center

Besides speaking multiple languages, our colleagues also have medical training, great communication and organizational skills. After careful selection, our operators take part in a wide-ranging training, which is completed by practical training and case discussions on a regular basis.


Our medical transport activity by a SPECIAL AMBULANCE AIRCRAFT or by a COMMERCIAL FLIGHT   covers the following cases.

Our colleagues at the Alarm Center are ready to take calls from patients, partners, insurance companies and medical services 24 hours a day, Monday through Sunday (7/24).

Get to know the medical equipment we use during air ambulance transport.


During its operation TrustAir Group has been cooperated with the following companies and organizations, providing them with healthcare services, as well as consulting and/or project management activities.